I have been tagged by Cédric Ferrand to join Summer Radio 2012, based on an idea by Lolobobo.


The Rules:

  • choose your summer song (it doesn’t need to be a classic summer hit, can be very personal, from a local band, something that exemplifies your previous summers, anything goes really)
  • write a blog post about it including a link to the music/YouTube video etc
  • paste these rules, linking to the original post
  • tag three bloggers to the keep the chain going following the same rules.


I know Cédric would have expected something like Un été à la cité by Ministère A.M.E.R. or Voilà l’été by Les Négresses Vertes from me, but the ’90s are over. These days I’m obsessed with Asian-inspired hip-hop to prepare Afroasiatik, my kung-fu hip-hop larp. And considering my first summer night out this year was at a festival featuring dubstep DJs, what better than a dubstep remix of asian-inspired hip-hop?


I therefore give you, ladies and gentlemen, the very French Ms. Chang by Chinese Man (Tha Trickaz Remix). I really like the original Racing with the sun album, but the Remix series is really cool too. And it even has old school dance hall reggae toasting in there so the ’90s spirits should be appeased. Follow the YouTube links for more.


Tag Petter (because he must have a lot to choose from with his lunchbeat thingies), Loris (because there must be something else than Combichrist) and Alias (because I’m really curious what a prog summer song would sound like).

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5 Responses to Radioblogueurs 2012

  1. “After a minute of Mindless Self Indulgence, your Tinnitus still is ©Mindless Self Indulgence.” ~Me.

  2. Thomas B. says:

    C’est bô 🙂

  3. […] Je me disais bien, quand j’ai vu tourner ce machin pour la première fois, que je n’allais pas y couper. Donc, j’ai été taggé au Radioblogueurs 2012 par pas moins de deux personnes: Loris et Thomas B. […]

  4. lolobobo says:

    je trouve que Chinese Man c’est trés souvent inventif, joli remix, merci de cette contribution

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