Thomas B. has been identifying as a post-geek for many years.

He is pretty happy to have found a rather fitting description in writing, thus avoiding the need for further explanation.

He’s been navigating various subcultures that rarely mix, and regularly subjects tabletop roleplayers to the joys of crafting and costuming, 18th century historians to urban fantasy novels and Klezmer fans to experimental French hip-hop.

Males worldwide find his lack of interest in sports and video games disturbing.

His days are spent speaking both dubious English and French street slang from the 1990s, so expect posts in either, depending upon subject matter and main audience.

He’s still learning to use this whole WordPress thingy, so please bear with him while he builds the damn thing.

One day he will stop referring to himself in the third person because he doesn’t need this to sound like a pompous jerk.

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