You’ve seen the turntable and the clothes, now it’s time for the accessories!

The gun

Apart from goggles, Nerf guns are probably the most overdone steampunk props. Hey, I needed one for my character in that steampunk larp so reused the modded black LongStrike I bought for a zombie larp and ‘punked it.

Based color was spraycan “copper”, which was a tad too pinkish for my taste. “Old gold” spray covered the rest and stickers provided the fake wood paneling.







Latranis aged it with black acrylic paint and I connected a piece of metal piping to let the steamkit work its magic (I think I fired the gun in a grand total of 2 scenes over the entire week-end).

I actually had to carve grooves into the plastic to make the metal piece fit. The “solder” is plasticrete covered with copper acrylic paint (from a  tube, looks much better than the spraycan). The grease is again black acrylic tube paint.



The model steam engine

I discovered Zero Toys thanks to Créa’Vapeur‘s amazing presentations at the GNiales and bought a bunch of stuff from them with the firm intention to use it in larp. First was the Zero Launcher, a smoke ring generator, which I simply sprayed gold and dirtied a bit.

I said it represented the unique engine of our zeppelin and used it to demonstrate how cool our crew was during the in-game exhibit. Luckily, fellow gamer Edomaur managed the shoot a couple of my sales pitches. This larp confirmed I am not a good salesman and get extremely bored repeating the same crap to customers. The looks on people’s faces however was worth it.



Refilling the smoke fluid with a syringe. The smoke actually comes from the turntable on this pic taken by Edomaur.


A prop that didn’t work

I had found the coolest (and noisiest) hand-cranked bubble machine in the world but forgot to move the handle while painting it. So I broke it when trying to make it turn again once it had tried, and never managed to repair it. At least it looked cool in our booth.










Stuff I didn’t make or modify but that looked cool in the turntable video

First, one thing I didn’t even bring to the game: my chandelier. With one of those lightning thingies from Zero Toys.

And last but not least, the best birthday present ever. Latranis created this using two of my favorite things in the world: cyberpunk and Mucha, and I was glad to bring a framed print to decorate the booth during larp. What more can I say? She rocks!

cave by ~Latranis on deviantART

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